Irons in the Fire: Update

Looks like I’ll be starting the process of National Board Certification next year.  Illinois offers a limited amounted of fee waivers with priority going to teachers from districts on the academic watch list (which mine is), and I got news on Monday that I made the list.  The whole process of certification is changing next year, if you haven’t heard, so I intend blog the entire process.  Should be fun.

It also appears as though I might be training with “experts” in the Illinois State Learning Standards (a.k.a. The CCSS).  Through some federal grant money, the state is training a number of teachers to go to back to their own districts and share expert knowledge and practice in the standards.  I don’t really know much about it the process, honestly.  It was just an opportunity I ran into through the many, many daily/weekly digest emails to which I subscribe.  More details later.

Finally, I haven’t heard anything about the LearnZillion Dream Team/Teach Fest just yet.  In the last email communication, the phrase “Mid-April” was used as a date in which they were planning to notify applicants.  That’s the big one to me really.  Damn, I hope that happens.


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