Aligning the CCSSM Geometry Standards to Units

This post *could* be lengthy, but I’ll try to be brief, because it’s 12:15 in the morning who knows if what I’m saying right now makes sense.

I’m teaching Geometry next Fall for the the first time ever, and there are numerous blog posts that I could make to describe the events that brought that about, but I’ll leave those for another day (or not).  To make a long story short, my school has offered a normal track Geometry class in the past, but it wasn’t actually in any course sequence, hardly any students opted to take it, and it most definitely wasn’t CCSS aligned.  Well Geometry is my baby now, and it IS a required class in our school’s math sequence, and as of tonight, it is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

I have unit titles and everything!

I leaned heavily on the Scope and Sequence Draft by Patrick Callahan and Brad Findell.  I think they had some excellent ideas in the arrangement of the standards, and in most cases I kept their work in tact.  The only major change I made was moving the the Trigonometry unit earlier in the year, as the students will need exposure to those standards well before the PARCC PBA and EOY exams.  A minor change I made was to combine the the Geometric Measurement and Dimension unit with the Modeling unit.  I think the standards read very closely together, they are very “calculus-y” and being a Calculus teacher, I think I can take the opportunity to point the students toward the direction that the math will be going when they leave my class and move onto Pre-Calculus and Calculus.

One more thing I should mention.  My Geometry class will be a third year course for HS students.  Our traditional sequence is really not so traditional in that students take Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and then Geometry.  I think it’s going to work out great for me, in that, my students should be well-versed in Trigonometry, will have dabbled in some of the conics, and should have a great handle on coordinate systems by the time they reach my class.  Because of this, I’ve included the (+) standards in the arrangement, even though those are not tested by PARCC and are usually left for a fourth HS course.  I’m going to give them a shot.

Anyway, here’s how I have the units arranged.  Critique.

Geometry Unit and Standard Arrangement DRAFT

Edit: The coloring of the standards is from the PARCC Blueprints.  Green is major content, Blue is supporting content, and Yellow is additional content.


5 thoughts on “Aligning the CCSSM Geometry Standards to Units

    1. Kyle Post author

      I appreciate it. I had a reason for placing Trigonometry where I did, and I think it’s justified. The trig standards are assessed on the PARCC PBA test, and putting them so late in the progression would leave little to (probably) no time to cover them before the testing window. While it isn’t clearly stated here, there will have to be some Trigonometry concepts that are left to later units for the reason you stated — that the students will need some information about coordinate geometry, circles, etc. to achieve appropriate understanding.

      As for EngageNY, I’ve been waiting for additional Modules for quite some time. Am I just being dense, or is there only one Module available for download? And if so, is there a resource you could point me to where I could find NY’s full Geometry progression? Thanks in advance.

      1. Alison Childers

        Hey Kyle not sure if you got this taken care of yet but I just realized Eureka Math is the same as Engage NY. We are implementing Eureka next year in our school, too! If you go to and go to module pdfs, you can create a free account there and access the same thing as engageny but no new york standards are on there, just the ccss. The geometry curriculum is as you said just module 1 right now. But we were told by eureka people a couple weeks ago that the full geometry and algebra 2 curriculum should be up in the next few weeks.

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