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I Deleted the “About Me” Page

It was horrible.  It started off with a picture of me at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens from two summers ago.  That was before I decided to become a semi-serious runner and dropped 25 pounds.  And the autobiography was painful to read.  It read like something I was being forced to do, but secretly liked because of the attention it might get me.  I’m not going to have an About page for awhile.  Not until I think I can write something I won’t be embarrassed by in two years.


No More Denver Pictures

I want to start this up again.  Of course, I’m tweaking the theme.  I can’t look at those pictures from Denver anymore.  This post is to bump them down.  Seriously, that’s the only reason.  I have nothing more to say.

Consider This The Beginning

I’m not going to delete the previous three posts because of their relative closeness to this date, but let’s pretend they aren’t there.  From here on, I’m going to attempt to maintain some evidence of structure here.  Posts with common themes, regular updates, more math speak, less rambling and nonsense.  I also slip into this habit of trying to make myself sounds smarter than what I really am.  I should do a better job of showing the real me in my writing.  Ok.  Here it goes.