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High School Publishers’ Criteria for the CCSSM

How I knew nothing about this document until two weeks ago is both puzzling and embarrassing, but here I am.  Well, now I’ve read it.  I’ve spent some time the last two days highlighting and writing on my copy of the High School Publishers’ Criteria for the CCSSM.  What is it?  I’ll let the authors explain.

This document, developed by the CCSSM writing team with review and collaboration from partner organizations, individual experts, and districts using the K-8 criteria, aims to support faithful CCSSM implementation by providing criteria for materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  States, districts, and publishers can use these criteria to develop, evaluate, or purchase aligned materials, or to supplement or modify existing materials to remedy weaknesses.

To me, this is mandatory reading for anyone in K12 education.  If my plan is to develop a Geometry curriculum from scratch for the school district next year (it is), then I’ve found my rubric.  I think I might read it again.


Preparing for the ACT Booklets

I usually get a lot of use out of the “Preparing for the ACT” booklets that come out every year.  I used to get paper copies of them, but that time has come and gone.  Now, they’re usually hosted at ACT’s own website for free, but the older ones are still posted around the internet if you’re willing to go on a hunt.  Lucky for you, I’ve collected the past ten year’s worth and have them ready to share in a dropbox folder.

Link here:

You should probably look at the ReadMe file in that folder as well.  The sample tests repeat for a couple years at a time, but there should be a full 4 unique sample tests in the booklets I’ve collected.