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Irons in the Fire: Update

Looks like I’ll be starting the process of National Board Certification next year.  Illinois offers a limited amounted of fee waivers with priority going to teachers from districts on the academic watch list (which mine is), and I got news on Monday that I made the list.  The whole process of certification is changing next year, if you haven’t heard, so I intend blog the entire process.  Should be fun.

It also appears as though I might be training with “experts” in the Illinois State Learning Standards (a.k.a. The CCSS).  Through some federal grant money, the state is training a number of teachers to go to back to their own districts and share expert knowledge and practice in the standards.  I don’t really know much about it the process, honestly.  It was just an opportunity I ran into through the many, many daily/weekly digest emails to which I subscribe.  More details later.

Finally, I haven’t heard anything about the LearnZillion Dream Team/Teach Fest just yet.  In the last email communication, the phrase “Mid-April” was used as a date in which they were planning to notify applicants.  That’s the big one to me really.  Damn, I hope that happens.


Another Iron in the Fire

Well, if everything goes as planned, I’ll be starting the process of becoming a NBPTS Board Certified Teacher next school year.

It’s something I’ve thought about before, but the timing and money never made sense.  At this moment, they do.  NBPTS is undergoing a fairly substantial shift in what is required to become certified, and one of the many changes is a reduction in cost to $1900.  This is great for me, because the scholarship (or fee waiver or something) offered by my state is exactly that amount.  Before now, even with the scholarship, the teacher still had a financial obligation of several hundred dollars to complete the program.  Now it might just cost me a $65 application fee.

I submitted my information last night to be eligible for this scholarship, and I could find out on April 7th if I’ve been accepted.  I’m pretty hopeful, because it’s awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis (it’s been open for two weeks and stays open until June 2) and because preference is given to teachers who work at schools with 50%+ students on free/reduced lunch (check) and are on the academic watch list (check).

I’m crossing my fingers.